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Access to Quality Health Services for All

BOMU Hospital is a social enterprise whose purpose is to provide 'Access to quality healthcare for all who need it, regardless of their economic status' - because we believe that a healthy population is a prosperous one.

The Idea of BOMU came into existence in the late 70’s to address the dire lack of accessible and affordable health care service for the poor.

Today, BOMU is a full fledged Hospital brand with 3 units. We offer a large range of services, including; an Outpatient Department with specialized clinics, an Antenatal Centre, a Family Planning and Reproductive Health Unit and Diagnostics and Therapeutics departments.

ISO Certification

In the year 2007, Bomu was ISO 9001 -2000 Certified by Bureau Veritas. Folowing this certification a second audit followed in the year 2010.